CLARITY is a full service digital and branding collective curated by Kathryn Rollins and Bea Maz.

We offer everything you might need for your online presence; branding, logo and website design, photography and videography, social media content, business systems, user experience analysis and so much more.

We work with you to create a personalised brand guide, which is referenced at every stage of the process making everything we do cohesive and aligned with your message.

No more repeating yourself to a million different people!

We help you spread your message to the world and raise the consciousness of the planet.

Kathryn Rollins

Kathryn is a multi-faceted creative magician and has played in many different creative roles over the years. She has a BA majoring in photography and graphic design, spent 8 years in the music industry as a singer songwriter working on her own brands, was a front end web developer for 5 years, and has run her own photography business for the last year or so. She’s passionate about authentic self expression and helping people align with their truth. She is a unique blend of creative and technical. Her skill set includes photography, system design, digital production, graphic design, web development, videography and video editing, music composition, singing, emotional clearing, dancing, modelling, and writing. In recent years she’s worked for the likes of Dane Tomas, Shaney Marie, Rosie Rees, and Mangala Holland.

Bea Maz

Bea is a creative genius, what she perceives she embodies. She’s a photographer who sees beauty everywhere and translates emotions into breathtaking visuals. She studied culture management, culture education, and photography at university. Then continued to develop her skills through assisting fashion photographers and working as an assistant producer for a talent representative agency in Poland. Her skill set includes photography, videography, editing, writing, emotional clearing, communication, client and project management, and production. Her magic is best expressed through dropping in to purpose through personal connection. For her, photography is presence.

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